Main reasons to be a right choice in Cannabis Cultivation Management

Welcome to Star Mountain

Our startup is developing a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for end-to-end traceability of cannabis production chains using technologies next generation, such as blockchain and web 3.0. The software is compliant with standards required by Infarmed and the European Union of good agriculture practices (GACP), manufacturing (GMP) and distribution (GDP).

New Ideas

Complete tracking, transparency and compliance for everyone involved in the production chain.

Organic Growth

Developed solution is highly flexible and scalable, adapting to the needs of companies of all sizes.


Small producers and large companies can benefit from blockchain technology and the advantages offered.

You got covered

Innovative solution, we hope to significantly contribute to enhance transparency and security.

Know more about us

360 Solution for Cannabis Cultivation

Event Driven technology.

Ready to scale

Reactive Dashboard

Information in realtime

StarMountain uses a core business that provides 24 hours of real time feedback regarding the cultivation. Control all the chain of process in just one place.

Enterprise Solution

Company Management

StarMountain is tailored to meet the unique challenges of the industry, providing a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with your entire business.

BPMN Standard Process

Visual steps for your flow

With our engine is easy to teach the StarMountain all the algorithms that's necessary to handle the internal processes.

Your structure our duty

Organizational management

All the features are combined to maximize your results, don't worry about external softwares, our solution can handle this in easy way.

IOT Management

Integration ready

StarMountain is prepared to access the best hardware solutions of the market.

Our Partners

The Danyalgil Company - Taking trust to the next level....

Awards Winner



We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will receive trainings ?

Yes, we have the best to teach not only how to use the platform, but to create a solid business.

The technology is mobile ready?

Yes, the platform was constructed to be compatible with all devices.

Is the team ready to extend the features?

We have a Enterprise team that's used to develop the best solutions to Big Companies. We don't have developers we have owners.

We will have Blockchain solutions?

Yes, StarMountain is prepared to provide immutability and thrust to your supply chain.

Contact us.

Your data is safe, we never share your personal detail with anyone!

Plataform Security

Penetration Tests

Periodical penetration tests in the platform that prevent breaches and prepare the Platform in what regards the latest cybernetics attacks.

- Password Attacks and Default Password.
- Operating System Attacks.
- Application Level Attacks.
- Misconfiguration Issues.
- Cross-Site Scripting (XSS).

Data Audit

We work with Immudb in order to audit each movement in the cultivation process, once inserted no data is lost or corrupted.

Immudb guarantees immutability by using a Merkle tree structure internally.

Immudb gives you the same cryptographic verification of the integrity of data written with SHA-256 as a classic blockchain without the cost and complexity associated with blockchains today.

Our Technologies

A fast all-in-one Javascript runtime
Open source immutable database
The World's Most Advanced Open Source Relational Database
The Real-Time Data Platform
Easy to use, messaging and streaming
A progressive Node.js framework
Accelerated container application development
Machine Learning for JavaScript developers